in the air
We opened the doors of Krysha Mira club to make everyone feel on top: summer tents, thousands of balloons and a performance by the electro-funk duo Chromeo.
more than
a party
With us by their side, Miller became a game-changer in Moscow nightlife. Year by year, we had been building a solid event-platform with offline and online activities, influencer marketing and shows by top artists. The More than a Party series starred Justice, Hot Chip, Fischerspooner, Beth Ditto, Carl Craig and others.
S7 airlines
A320 Launch
That night, a real hangar in Domodedovo Airport became Moscow’s top spot. The reason was pretty solid: S7 Airlines was presenting the Airbus A320neo – a brand new aircraft. Guests enjoyed a cocktail party, DJ sets, an impressive tech-show and small talk of all sorts.
How can you make Muscovites fall in love with yard parties and Irish Whiskey?
It’s not that tough. Legendary rap-gourmet Action Bronson and Crystal Fighters as headliners. A flawless guest list and cocktails at a free bar. Graffiti-painted walls and legit food trucks. Boxing and skate contests. A little ice and lots of cash – and you’ve got it!
The underground parking lot party for the 5th anniversary of the Tsvetnoy shopping center was our homage to the 80’s in New York.
In the smoke of the party the following tags were projected: loft, underground, art, rave and performance, accompanied by the music of Dean Blunt, a hip-hop innovator.
G70 Launch
A work of art, the Genesis G70, was presented in the Museum of Moscow. The piece was put on a special stage, surrounded by light installations and the swagger of the headliner Ace Hood, an American rapper.
The history of Under Armour started right here. A minimalistic workshop of Trekhgornaya Manufaktura was transformed into the House of Will, with a series of sport challenges,
basketball performances, shows by workout champions and laser installations.
green jam
An intermix of music genres, styles, tastes,
street art and sports at the Tuborg festival.
The line-up included local celebrities Pharaoh
and Skryptonite along with one of the most
innovative US rappers, Earl Sweatshirt.
Griby, the main hitmakers of 2017, asked us to develop a concept for their live gigs. Using stunts and analogue effects, we recreated the atmosphere of stadium raves and old-school hip-hop with shows in Moscow and Kiev. It all ended with the smiley logo above Afisha Picnic’s stage. The guests’ hearts melted.
Jager Music
This music award has been uniting promising newcomers, big names, the most hyped influencers and media for six years in a row. What’s it all about?
We look for the top independent artists from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The best are chosen online by the masses and offline by music experts. Winners are announced at a special award show with feature performances and live shows by indie music stars like Ariel Pink and Ata Kak.
A performance by the street-art legend Futura and a Richard Schroeder photo exhibition.
A live gig, a pop-up gallery, a bar and a live show with 1500 influencers in one space.
What if we used the mechanics of Viber and mixed them up with the capabilities of MTV airings to create a freshmen contest? And so it was done.
With ST as the representative, DJs Nik-One and Tactics responsible for the beats and The-Flow website for social buzz; taking part were Bumble Beezy, Obladaet and Alphavite among the participants as well as legendary Smoki Mo, Legalize and L’one among the jury.
A cultural center, a creative collective and a garage cooperative – a 3-in-1 project to last one awesome summer. Sounds of jazz and experimental house. Workshops with slightly drunk guests. Live performances by Machinedrum and DJ Stingray. Flea markets and a reggae festival with two dub legends – Mad Professor and Tikiman. Krugozor had it all.
Live Show
Together with Setup studio we turned the Adrenaline Stadium stage into a giant light & metal installation for Husky to perform his new songs to thousands of fans.
Two years in a row we supported the TBRG OPEN music initiatives.

Fantastic parties, festivals with Tommy Cash and Mount Kimbie, new releases, a triple collaboration with Diplo, Ivan Dorn and Skryptonite and special projects with local communities.
Alcohol – 0°, communication – 360°
We created the concept for the first flagship Adidas store in Russia. It’s decor reflected the true DNA of Moscow: marble rugs, Deineka mosaic references and authentic furniture design. The opening kicked off with shows by contemporary artists and an afterparty gig by Kano, a rapper from London.
A 19th century gothic mansion near Patriarch Ponds was reimagined for one night. Velvet curtains and candles, a pop-up gallery of silhouettes and mirror installations, moody jazz and the latest Twin Peaks season star, Chrysta Bell, helped us to make this all happen.
In 2019, Finlandia, an iconic brand of vodka, supported the two biggest electronic music festivals –Signal near Moscow and Present Perfect in Saint Petersburg. The forests of Nikola-Lenivets were turned into art installations, while the Garden State dance floor at Sevkabel became a living oasis.

NIte Jogger
To relaunch Adidas Nite Jogger, the popular 80’s trainers, we created a communication platform from scratch. The Night community was formed to unite locals who live by their
own rules. Together with Instagram influencers and owners of fresh Nite Joggers we raved at underground parties and discovered Moscow’s hidden gems.
Formula One in Sochi is an iconic social event. The day before the Grand-Prix we threw a series of parties to prove it. The RC car racing championship started at Strelka with Top
Gear’s Stig as the host. Afterward, the winners took off to Sochi to get loose to the hypnotic sounds of Therr Maitz and DJ Spiller at Terraza Martini.
A place that became legendary. To draw attention to a new residential area, the Kosmos bureau created a perfect architectural installation – futuristic, shiny and filled with music and performances by Stereotactic. Guests enjoyed loud drinking parties and quiet get-togethers, jazz performances and book markets, art-talks and techno raves clad in mobile decorations.
Galaxy studio
This temporary construction is a portal from Gorky Park into the Samsung world. Interactive demos, workshops and masterclasses.
Korean classes and yoga. Movie premieres, VR gigs and parties – check it out on local influencers’ Instagrams.
Imagine a hundred-meter lounge area. A futuristic dome covering thousands of the coolest people. A kinetic installation with crisscrossing lasers that react to movement. The Hyundai AFP 19 was definitely something to remember.
galaxy s8
Before the Samsung S8 buzz hit stores, we gave a multimedia presentation right on the roof of The Moscow Ritz-Carlton, with a stunning view of Red Square and a panoramic videoshow.
Rise And Shine
We occupied the terraces, yards and roofs of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Krasnodar for a series of chill Saturday evenings. With Matthew Herbert, Junior Boys, Kiki and dozens of other DJ’s on the list, Olmeca Rise&Shine became an absolute summer dream.
Jack Daniel’s
The summer series of brand events united leading Moscow communities in the Powerhouse Moscow yard. Authors from Psychodaily –  a well-known Telegram channel – threw a Georgian party with barbecue. The Volchok brand worked together with The Volks to design a limited series of T-shirts. The A.D.E.D graffiti gang was tagging up walls all while cooking hot-dogs.
With Miller we opened a space-time rift at the Alfa Future People festival. Six years in a row we had been organizing an ideal techno-marathon: iconic black containers and a 48-hour rave to the beats of well-known electronic artists.
As play director we outlined a creative brief, developed scripts and scenography, assembled set lighting, built a stage and finally let Roman Litvinov play his melancholic roles.
To celebrate the release of a new XBYO collection we made an immersive performance:
a piano score by Akira Ifukube, a performance by Summer of Haze, Japanese Butoh theatre, video-art installations, a light show, contemporary dance and lots of stylish guests in sweatpants and sweatshirts.
Test drive
We had 6 days, 25 top Russian journalists, 5 premium Genesis G90s, 1000km of rural Danish roads, a special app, stunning landscapes and highways, whisky tasting, and tours around Copenhagen and Ribe. When you start making perfect test-drives, it’s hard to stop.
An iconic festival, created through the collaboration of Sila Sveta, Arma17 and Stereotactic. Unexpected locations, major artists, dozens of areas, concepts and art installations, a never-ending feeling of brotherhood and happiness. It will forever be in our hearts.
G90 Launch
To celebrate the launch of the premium Genesis G90 we put on a play.
We invited Sergey Shakurov as the leading artist, Alexey Rozin (Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes) as the director, and Ekaterina Troepolskaya (Dmitry Brusnikin studio) to give this initiative a dramatic twist.
A live show by Moralniy Codex at the Electrotheatre Stanislavskiy closed the night.
OS Gemeos
To support Hennessy’s latest release, we invited expert tasters to the Central House of Artists and opened an exhibition of the OS Gemeos Brothers, street art legends from Brazil. A live show by Hudson Mohawke, a British glitch-hop guru, made a great night even better.
Greek myths, loud beats and vibrant lights. Fronted by Noize MC with Yuri Kvyatkovskiy (Cops on fire) in the director’s chair; Tesla.Place transformed into a theatre with more than 30 actors and musicians, who turned the ancient love story of Orpheus and Eurydice into a hip-hopera.
While developing the philosophy of the TBRG OPEN music platform, we created the self-titled festival. Multiple era aesthetics, a line-up of different genres, several stages, a crazy slam and thousands of smiles – Tesla.Place had it all, including shows by Major Lazer and Skryptonite. We didn’t want it to end.
Art Love
Vero party
The Saltykov-Chertkov estate in Moscow city center. Mikhail Efremov
performing a monologue based on Tony Parson’s written works.
A soundtrack by Moa Pillar. A show by NY disco-punk stars,
The Rapture. Martini Art Love Vero Party came to be
an instant classic of Stereotactic.
irish hood
St. Patrick’s day is all about bar-hopping. In 2016, we mustered the best Moscow bars; 
EMA, Ugolek, Delicatessen, 8OZ and Drink Your Seoul; and staged headliner gigs under
the roof of “Pravda”, a former factory. Theophilus London, a rapper from Brooklyn,
kicked off the party.
That night we unquestionably created an explosive cocktail with an authentic Irish taste.
First off, we found an architectural masterpiece – Kazansky railway station. We cleaned up the mess, built a stage and decorations to host the first
(and so far the only) gig of pop-electro queen Grimes.
A garage, tattoos, boxing, barbers, dominos, an old Kopeika, videogames – we collected all these features of the late 90’s in the Puma yard. To support the brand's football campaign we threw a nostalgic party with a football contest and Digidon DJs, Kazuscoma band and Lapti behind the decks.